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Domain Name Renewal Notices: How to Tell if You’re Being Scammed

Believe it or not, fake domain name renewal notices are a fairly common scam. It’s been called Domain Slamming. Here’s how it works:

A company will send you an email or letter in the mail using words and phrases intended to scare and trick you. They will try to make you think that if you don’t pay them, your domain name will expire and your website will go away. They target people who they hope either aren’t tech savvy enough to know the difference, or are too busy to read the fine print.

These companies often convince people to send money to renew their domain name. But, they’re actually making people switch providers to their company. Then, they often charge upwards of 4 times the original price of their domain name.

How Can I Tell if it is a Scam?

Be sure to read the entire email or letter carefully. Usually they do include some wording that will help you identify that it is not your original provider.  Look for phrases like:

  • “You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated below, unless you accept this offer.”
  • “Now is the time to transfer and renew your domain name.”
  • “This is not a bill.”

If you are renewing your domain name, generally it’s best to just renew it with your original domain name provider, unless you have a reason that you want to switch providers.

But What if I Don’t Know Where My Domain is Registered?

It’s pretty easy to find out the owner of the domain name, and where it is registered.  One place to check is GoDaddy.  Just enter your domain name, and then look on the 4th line down of the results.  It will give you the URL of the company that your domain is registered with.

Need help determining if your notice is real or fake?  Contact us!  We’d be happy to review it for you and let you know if it’s real, or if you’re being scammed.