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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Cover Photos

Adding a Facebook cover photo seems pretty quick and easy to do.  Just click the icon, select your photo, and voila! It’s done!  Well, maybe not so fast. The Cover Photo is the first thing visitors see when their visit your business page.  Are you sure what you’ve added looks good on both desktop and mobile devices? Here’s some tips to help make your cover photo the best it can be.


Make sure your Facebook cover photo is the right size

Currently Facebook cover photos are to be 851 px wide by 315 px on desktop, 640 px wide by 360 px tall on mobile. If you upload an image smaller than those dimensions, Facebook will automatically stretch it out for you to fit the right size. But, as you know, stretching small images into larger ones is never ideal!


Keep it Visual

Facebook used to have a 20% text limit on Facebook cover photos, but that rule has since been dropped.  However, it’s still a good idea got keep text to a minimum. You’ll grab more attention using a high quality photo than filling it up with a bunch of text.


Keep it Simple

Having a single message, or a single focal point helps enhance your message.  If it’s too distracting, people may be turned off before they’ve even scrolled down the page.


Don’t Hide Your Content

Facebook’s profile pictures are placed on top of cover photos, so there’s a section of your photo that won’t be visible unless you click on it.  Don’t forget, your page name and the other buttons on the bottom right corner also are layered on top of your photo.


Keep Mobile Users In Mind

Over half of Facebook users (54.2%) access the social network exclusively from their mobile devices. That’s why is so important to keep mobile users in mind when designing your Facebook cover photo. On mobile devices, part of your cover photo is blocked.



Image Credit: Twelveskip


Of course, we can also help with your Facebook Cover Photo design, as well as making all of the branding of your social media profiles consistent. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to review all of your social profiles, and design an image that works for you.