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Facebook To Start Punishing You For Using Clickbait

Facebook is hitting back at clickbait, and is vowing to punish articles that contain headlines using certain key phrases. Articles that it deems as clickbait will appear lower on a user’s news feed than articles it deems are from people you “care about”.

On Thursday, Facebook said it plans to escalate a previous effort against clickbait. “These are headlines that intentionally leave out crucial information, forcing people to click to find out the answer,” Facebook data scientist Alex Peysakhovich and user experience researcher Kristin Hendrix wrote in a blog post.

“Pages should avoid headlines that withhold information required to understand what the content of the article is, and headlines that exaggerate the article to create misleading expectations,” they wrote.  For example, a headline like this will be demoted: “He Put Garlic In His Shoes Before Going To Bed And What Happens Next Is Hard To Believe.”

In coming weeks, Facebook will be tweaking it’s algorithm that drives it’s News Feed so that readers get less clickbait and “more of the stories they want to see higher up in their feeds,” the blog post said.

This is on top of an earlier effort to penalize Facebook posts that “people click on and quickly come back to News Feed.” In other words, people that may have been disappointed in what they saw once they clicked on the post.

“Websites and Pages who rely on clickbait-style headlines should expect their distribution to decrease,” Facebook said.

No word from Facebook yet as to exactly what phrases are included.