Is my website responsive? What does that even mean? - Joseph Gregory Design
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Is my website responsive? What does that even mean?

Website styles and technology are ever-changing.  A great website built 5 years ago may not be up to today’s standards.  We’re a society on the go, and as more and more people prefer to use mobile devices over traditional PC’s to browse the web, you need to make sure website is ready for them!

How do I know if my site is responsive? What does responsive mean anyway?

Responsive simply means the website adapts itself to create the best viewing experience, no matter the device on which it’s being displayed. So, whether you’re looking at a website on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll always be able to read the text without all of the pinching, zooming and scrolling.

Advantages of responsive design include:

  • The ease of managing the design for a single website (no more switching between mobile and desktop versions)
  • Cohesive branding
  • Consistent user experience
  • Improved SEO


If your website isn’t responsive yet, you’re quite likely losing visitors. Google is even now penalizing you in search results for not having a mobile-friendly site.

How dow you know if your site is responsive?  Try visiting your site on your phone, and see how easy it is to read.  We’re happy to help, and provide a complimentary review of your site and make any recommendations to make sure it’s providing the best user experience possible. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.